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Where’s Otter is the journal of Otter, the river otter.  Otter likes to travel and see new things and meet new people.  He loves learning and experiencing new things.  Through his adventures, you will learn about new places, things to do, a bit of fun history, and other cool stuff.  We will see new sights, meet new people, and share new experiences.  We hope  you enjoy visiting Where’s Otter often to find out what Otter and his traveling companions are doing this week.

Otter began his adventures at The Texas State Aquarium in Corpus Christi.  He now lives near Houston, Texas, and loves to see the sights around Houston and take day trips and weekend trips from Houston.  If you live around Houston, this will be a great resource for things to do and see with your kids around the Houston area.  Otter does like to travel, so you will also find many adventures of Otter beyond the Houston area and beyond Texas.  if you have some suggestions of places for Otter to visit, people to meet, or things to do, please let Otter know.  He is always looking for new ideas.  You can e-mail Otter at otter@wheresotter.com.  He would love to hear from you.