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Otter Visits the Coast Guard


Recently, Otter was allowed to visit the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Galveston Station.  It was an exciting trip and he met some very nice people who work very hard serving our country.

The Coast Guard was established in 1790 by George Washington when he authorized 10 sailing vessels with enforcing the tariff and trade laws as well as prevent any smuggling.  They eventually came to be called the Revenue Cutter Service.


One of the Coast Guard boats at the Galveston Station.

In 1915 Congress merged the Revenue Cutter Service with the US Life Saving Service.  They also stated that this new Coast Guard be a part of the military force of the country.  The responsibilities of the Coast Guard were to save lives at sea and enforce maritime laws.  In times of peace the Coast Guard acts as part of Homeland Security and in times of war the Coast Guard serves as part of the Navy Department.  The Coast Guard is a pretty important for our nation’s safety.

While Otter visited the USCG Galveston Station, he learned about boating safety.  He learned how to properly wear a life jacket.  He learned some things that you should and should not do while on a boat.  He also learned how to tie some pretty cool knots!

Also while we were looking at some of the boats the Coast Guard had, a call came in and they had to take out a boat to answer a call.  It was pretty neat to see them in action.

Coast Guard headed out to answer a call

Coast Guard headed out to answer a call


It was an exciting day for Otter and also for Joslyn and her American Heritage Girls Troop that were there to learn about boat safety.  Joslyn even got to go on one of the boats and look around.

Joslyn on a Coast Guard boat at Galveston Station

Joslyn on a Coast Guard boat at Galveston Station

Otter is very grateful for the people who choose to serve their country in the United States Coast Guard!

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