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Otter, The Alamo, and the Come and Take It Cannon

Otter at the Alamo

Otter took a trip to see the Alamo in San Antonio and find out why the Alamo is important to people in Texas.  It turns out, the Alamo plays a very important part in the Texas Revolution.  Before this war, the Alamo was used as a mission and you can find out more about the mission in the previous post.

Several years after the mission was established, Mexico gained its independence from Spain.  The new country used the Alamo as a military post to secure the area.  Mexico also thought it would help make the area stronger if they could encourage more people to live in Texas.  This way they would not have to worry about France trying to occupy Texas.  To help grow the population of Texas, the Mexican government invited Americans to come and settle in the area.  They gave the Americans land contracts. [click to continue…]


Otter Remembers the Alamo!


Otter visited the Alamo in San Antonio.  The Alamo is a pretty important part of Texas history.  “Remember the Alamo” becomes the battle cry for many Texas Soldiers fighting for Independence from Mexico.  But the story of the Alamo begins many years before that war even took place.

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Otter at the Blue Bonnet Cafe


There is a place in Marble Falls, Texas that is famous for its pie.  More specifically its meringue pie.  We decided that Otter would like to stop and check out this place and have a little pie too. [click to continue…]


Otter Visits the Coast Guard


Recently, Otter was allowed to visit the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Galveston Station.  It was an exciting trip and he met some very nice people who work very hard serving our country. [click to continue…]


Otter at the Texas Capitol


Otter got to spend some time at the Texas capitol building in Austin.  Otter was able to see and learn a lot about Texas history and Texas government. [click to continue…]